Dress & Shoes or….

I hope you remember my strong commitment to buying new shoes and a dress as an award for finishing DIY Kitchen units project!


Sorry, but this time (as all the other times) dress & shoes wereย switched to vintage porcelain tea/coffee set… Well. It came almost complete but I’m used to it… There was only one time I received everything unbroken! The worth scenario was 1/3 of all the dining set was crashed… But I don’t mind… Let it be! I’m using my porcelain and if the set isn’t full I have no problem to lose few more over the years.


This one is from Czechoslovakia. I never had one from Czechoslovakia before but some say that they have good porcelain! And I didn’t choose it cause it’s from Czechoslovakia but cause it has yellow roses. Love them!

I would love to have a kitchen in yellow and dark gray. I’m working on it… At least it’s not green anymore!


P.S. I have to hand wash it and then I will share how it looks ๐Ÿ™‚

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