Decorations and our Christmas tree

This years house decoration was like a rollercoaster! I made all the natural decorations (as I did before, cause I really love natural material)…. then I had to take them off, cause it felt like I have some sort of allergy… then I had to think about decorations again… And do it again! But after taking everything off I didn’t feel like so. Janis brought down our Christmas tree and it stayed untouched for few days… I know I just need to START to get it going… but I can’t!

I’ll inspire myself and maybe few others who are stuck with Christmas decorations with my previous years “all natural decorations”. So here you go!

Ceturtā Advente Dāvanu saiņošana
Dāvanu saiņošana Sāls mīklas mājiņa
Ziemassvētku eglītes rotājumi Ziemassvētku eglītes rotājumi
Ziemassvētki tuvojasziemassvētku eglīte
Sniedziņš dekorācijām Eco-Friendly Christmas decoration
First Sunday of Advent Natural Advent Wreath
Natural Advent Wreath

I hope you are a bit more inspired than I am right now!


P.S. I’ve saved this blog post as a draft a few days ago and after that suddenly I wanted to decorate the tree and make all other decorations one more time. So… this blog post was inspirational to me! So I’m sharing it with you… but now (a few days later) I have our Christmas tree decorated 🙂


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