Yesterday’s walk

It feels right to live here in the countryside of Latvia! So, so right! I like to walk and observe all the beauty Mother Nature can give to us! A beautiful day was yesterday and the new one is coming today!

I promised myself to walk a bit every day. Since it’s so beautiful feels like a reward for walking. Today it’s -20C (about -4 F) so I don’t know if I can find clothes warm enough to walk (excuses, excuses…).  No. I will go out for a walk! Mother Nature made such a beautiful and breathtaking scenery, I just can’t ignore :). My heart sings and eyes sparkle.


P.S. What does “be beyond awe” mean?!


18 thoughts on “Yesterday’s walk

    1. PS. To be ‘in awe’ of something means full of admiration, perhaps surprise, perhaps fear, of something. ‘Beyond awe’ is hyperbole really as if you’re in awe of something it’s difficult to imagine something beyod that. You are clearly ‘in awe’ of the Latvian landscape you pictured above, as would I be if I was in it.

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    1. I hope you will do the post or did already! It’s interesting cause spring and summer comes earlier in Poland – everyone knows that 🙂 cause our shops are full produce from Poland 🙂

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  1. It is gorgeous, a winter wonderland!!! Love the paths that lead to wherever your imagination takes you!! Beautiful photography!!! Yesterday in Massachusetts, it was 75F and my bulbs started sprouting, unheard of for February… today it’s going down to 28F and snow??? There is a saying “If you don’t like the weather in New England, wait a minute!!” Enjoy your beauty❤️

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      1. My grandmother is from there and I lived there when I was younger to learn the language, so I’m only part Latvian through my dad’s side. I love Latvia and wish I could go for the summer dance festival and the 100 year celebration but I need to publish my books. I write paranormal romance with vampires and my main setting is Latvia! It is so fun. I’m for sure going to keep following you. It’s so exciting to find a Latvian from Latvia who keeps their blog updated with so many neat topics. I’m impressed!

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