Craft space: Up or Down…the stairs!

(I don’t know why, but for the first time I wanted to start my blog post by saying…)

Good morning, everyone! I hope you don’t have -20C outside or at least if you do have way too low below zero – you are warm inside or outside enjoying it!


I spend two days taking card making stuff from upstairs, down to the living room! Normally crafters would be happy to have their room away from living room cause cardmaking, sewing etc makes a mess. If you have a corner somewhere, you don’t have to clean it right away…


… I just moved away from that corner to the living room! I know it’s crazy, but I need that space be close to the “other things” I’m doing – like cooking – so near to the kitchen! (If we ever have our own house – my craft room would be near a kitchen, for sure… or at least near fridge!!)


It took me two days to sort out the stuff I have, to find missing things, move in and put everything “just where I need it”. Now I have my craft space down in the living room. (Applause!)


I need some time to figure out if it was a good idea or not. Maybe after few weeks, I will write how I bring all back upstairs 🙂 But for now, I’m happy to have my craft stuff downstairs!!!


23 thoughts on “Craft space: Up or Down…the stairs!

  1. must feel good to organize! THE SOCKS ARRIVED TODAY! they are AMAZING!!!! Does your mom knit them by hand? Hubby loves. Hasn’t tried on yet. They just came! Woohoo! Warm socks made with Love from Latvia!!!!!


    1. YES! Hand knitted using needles! No machines :)! That is good you like them! We hope the size is right! 100% wool is good – it’s absorb moisture and keeps feet warm. I’m wearing them instead of slippers all the time inside!

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      1. I cannot believe how exquisite they are being handmade! Need to get him to try them on yet – we’ve been a bit busy – kids moving in today for 2 weeks in between selling their house and buying a new home. Fun times!!

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        1. Fun and good times they will be! Mom can knit whatever the size of socks you want, also the “leg” can be longer if used in snow-boots etc. 🙂 She is very good with needles! And has neat “handwriting” 🙂

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  2. Awesome! My fiancé is literally in the process currently of making me a desk & craft room! I feel like I have the opposite problem, constantly making a mess of the kitchen table! Good for you for making the move! It’s so exciting to have a space to work in & create your crafts!

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