1st May: International worker’s day

Today is International workers day… have you ever heard of it?!


Most important – first 11 dandelions are blooming in our yard (according to Nelles counting system).


Happy faces, it’s +20C and girls are jumping around the puddles in swimsuits – finally!


15 thoughts on “1st May: International worker’s day

  1. Wonderful! Here it is called ‘Labour Day’ and ‘celebrated’ by left wing political parties, or May Day, but the public holiday is now always moved to the first Monday in May. So we have our ‘holiday’ next Monday.
    I’m so pleased you have sun for it. We have sun but not swimsuit weather: 11/12 degrees but with a wind so feels colder. I think you know i have an older ‘child’ who jumps in puddles 😂.
    Enjoy your day.

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  2. Thanks for reminding me of the day, it gave me a prompt to write a post about May Baskets on May Day. We used to leave May Baskets for our neighbors when my daughter was your girls ages. Nice to see you are enjoying beautiful spring weather as are we. 75F in Chicago today.

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  3. Yes, we have May Day or Labour Day on the first Monday in May – next week. Not all who participate are communists – not in Australia anyway. Hope you enjoyed your break 🙂 So glad the girls get to play in the sun. The first of many Spring/Summer days to come!

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