Latvia celebrating 100!

Today my country celebrating 100 years! I’m proud to be Latvian! If you want to know our history, visit the blog post “18th November – Latvia’s Independence Day“.

On a day like this, I couldn’t resist sharing few videos below 🙂


In the video, we see a lot of wonderful personalities – both more or less well-known and completely unknown in the wider community. There is opera singer Inga Šļubovska-Kancēviča, ceramic artist Laima Grigone, new chess talent Miķelis Vingris, bath-man Valdis Ķīķeris and many others. They all participate in the formation of the State of Latvia with their energy.

Thank you,

16 thoughts on “Latvia celebrating 100!

  1. One Hundred Years! Wonderful! and many, many more years of health, prosperity and freedom for you and your country.
    Thank you for sharing the videos. I especially loved the first one with the description of how the sculptor designed the monument to freedom, how she stands on the base of everyone that went before….quite inspiring.

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