Back to work… with Filofax!?

It seams like I have a lot to do in the studio and with my life as well. Planner would help a lot. Since I bought a Filofax 7 years ago, there is no need to buy any new planners. All I need is new fill.

Filofax Raspberry Finsbury A5 planner

I love my Filofax and used it for two years. Then I become a mom and there is no need for Filofax to manage that… But now, since I have photoshoots to remember, reports to submit and invoices to make… and I don’t like Google Calendar or other digital solutions – Filofax Raspberry A5 will come back to life 🙂

So I’m on to good “fill” for my filofax. I made one in excel using macros 7 years ago, but I can’t find that file and don’t want to make it again, it was time consuming, but my template generated week-on-two-page planner with all the holidays and birthdays (with years!)…

Girls still in Chritmas mood few days ago…

Apart from that… enough lying on sofa, let’s get back in to work!


14 thoughts on “Back to work… with Filofax!?

  1. Beautiful photo!
    You might guess I’m delight you’re doing you planning on paper. I remember using a Filofax many, many years ago.
    I too don’t like digital solutions and, eg, use a paper diary to remind me of birthdays etc and even phone numbers.

    Can’t stop looking at those gorgeous little ones.

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    1. I like planning on paper, but… I can’t forget to take my planner with me whenever I go, cause clients might call and ask if the time/date is available :).. so a bit “bad” to have on paper…


    1. That’s a good inspiration – thank you! I like both.. for finaces I can’t use paper, tax man will kill me and for photoshoot schedule I like to write in calendar. Stuff I wish to have in my studio – paper. Notes form Online courses I’m taking – on paper. I know it’s hard to “search” but… no problem so far 🙂 Things I need to do / calls / invoices I need to make – paper

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    1. It’s cheaper to print my own refil 🙂 also all the pages you are using for tracking certain things – can be added to this planner! All you need is right piercer (punch? – sometimes I wish I understand what I’m writing 🙂 Is it piercer or punch and what is the difference?)

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