Jigsaw Puzzle addict

I guess few of you already know that – I’m jigsaw puzzle addict! I didn’t know that until I started to puzzling 24-48 piece puzzles with my girls! Next one was 1000 piece puzzle.. and another one, then 2 of 500, then again 1000… until all the puzzles we bought (as a bundle) were done. I posted a few blog posts about that… I started on March 2018 and manage to complete six 1000 piece puzzles (two of them I did twice, so 8 in total) and three 500 piece puzzles (also, two of them I did twice – so 5 in total) till Christmas.

I was surprised when my friend DžīDžī (pronounced as “GG”) got me a 1000 piece puzzle on Christmas! Also, Dimi sent me a 1000 puzzle for Christmas too!!! I’ve finished DžīDžī puzzle – will share later and now been enjoying one from Dimi! This one looks hard… but I never give up!

Do you like puzzles?!


11 thoughts on “Jigsaw Puzzle addict

  1. I haven’t done one for years but my mother was also a bit of an addict but, living alone, she did not have to complete it in ‘one go’ before little girls undid much of the work 🙂 . So it may have been on her table for several days before completed.


  2. I come from a long line of puzzlers. As a child we often had a large puzzle (1000 pcs) on our dining room table during the winter months. It seemed we only did puzzles in the winter. A few days ago I was in our local library and they had a large puzzle started on a table in the middle of room. It seemed most people paused a few minutes to work on the puzzle then moved on. Wonder if it got finished yet. I’ll have to go check.

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  3. Our eldest (almost 5) is a big puzzler in more ways than one 🙂 She amazes me how quickly she finishes them. I must try something more challenging for her than the 100 or so pieces she has mastered so far.
    I always remember my sister had a passion for them, maybe the knack is passed on from her.

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  4. I have done puzzles like this off and on over the years. Ravensburger makes some great ones. The more pieces the better I figure and I can pick them up inexpensively at thrift stores sometimes. I have to keep the cats away, though. They like playing with puzzle pieces.

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