Linnas 5th Birthday Party


As I promised to myself – a blog post about Linnas 5th birthday party!

It wasn’t fancy, all the girls were ill and we had to change the date. That is something I never did before. We celebrated on the 31st of March and it was a mess and I was tired, annoyed and frustrated!

My relatives almost made me cry but I was too tired and couldn’t change anything so I gave up! I never give up!!! I don’t count blogging. I want that everyone is happy. That made me think about how good B&B owner I would be :). I wasn’t present  – felt like I’m floating in the other dimension.

So. Linnas is 5! Love her and hope she will be able to speak clearly soon! Speech therapist & we are working on that for a while now! That is all I wish for!

While I was somewhere between crying and dying. A total mess! Linna was happy cause she had friends over (not only family and relatives) for the first time!

It was hard to throw a party without money… But I hope that is something Linna didn’t notice!

My little happy unicorn!


P.S. Even after a few weeks all this gives me sadness and I can’t change anything… I didn’t take out my camera and all the pics are from guests! And that makes me sad…

11 thoughts on “Linnas 5th Birthday Party

  1. I’m sure Linna enjoyed it so just comfort yourself with that. Lovely she had friends for the first time. She’s a darling and of course I love that she’s ‘grumpy’ sometimes. She looks wonderful as a unicorn, with her mum 🙂 . I’m sure the change of date didn’t bother her. With everything you have ‘going on’ I can only say “well done”


  2. Oh sweet Ilze! The money spent does not matter and will not affect Linna’s memory of the LOVE her Momma put into her birthday even without feeling well. Don’t be so hard on yourself. It looks lovely – and you love her – and that is what matters! ❤ Hugs from Mars!

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  3. Ilze, the pictures are darling!! Sometimes we think things should be perfect, but imperfections are real life and are so endearing…if only you could see yourself as others do…you are such a good mother and person!! Much love and comfort to you❤️

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