Cones, Spruce cone

Saw something in the top part of the electricity pole… near our house. Just lead by curiosity I went out and took my camera with me. What can it be?


Finally, the closest spruce is having wonderful cones this year. I don’t know if it’s planted there, but it’s not very high 2,5 meters.. or maybe all 3! There are lovely spruce cones in it at the moment. Since it’s near “the thing in the electricity pole” I took a picture and turned around to see what’s up in the pole. CONE?!


Yes, it was cone… put there by.. who?! And why!? Can’t figure out but.. it looked “opened” so I suppose it can be a bird?! Squirrel!?

Any guessings?!


P.S. Dimi “spruce” is “egle” 🙂

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