Crazy / What just happened!??

Crazy things are happening in my life right now! I can’t sleep more than few hours… I sleep 4 or 5 times per day! I had a bad headache, that goes away and comes back regularly!


Even coffee from perfect cup didn’t helpย yesterday!


I’m not ready to sit in “live” line for hours to get to the doctor. So I’m surviving this by sleeping. And that might be the answer – I need more sleep! But in total, I won’t sleep more like 9 hours! For example, I went to bed at 11pm.. couldn’t sleep until 4am! Then slept 3 hours… and being miserable after few hours got back to bed!

I know that my headache might be from spine/neck “problems”. I might want to start a day with some stretching… or at least get my pregnancy yoga book down from the attic!

Janis friend Aivars came for coffee (he is a bit into fitness thing) and he laughed seeing us both miserable and bearly awake and 11 am! I felt terrible. Tired! Still wanted to sleep! I couldn’t stretch or at leastย get the feeling that everything is stretched and ready for the day!

He told me to cross my arms and put palms on shoulders. He squeezed me and lifted up…

What just happened!?

My back cracked! With a terrible sound!

I’m feeling like just born! I can stretch, I can stand straight! My shoulders are back without a problem! I’m wake! I’m energized! I’m ready for the day! I hope it will stay like this!!!!

I won’t believe if someone told me…

Thank you, Aivars!!!


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