Enchanted forest

We can’t imagine a better way to entertain kids and awaken their imagination than a walk into an enchanted forest on a sunny day as it was this Sunday!

Enchanted forest

I call this forest (that is actually more like woods 50 meters away from our house) enchanted cause I and also my girls believe these 100-year-old trees are homes for ferries and gnomes.

Enchanted forest

Don’t expect me to express my feeling here in English!Sometimes can’t express them even in my native language – Latvian!

Enchanted forest
This forest is magical and I love to have walk in it, the sad thing is that there isn’t much to walk, it’s small patch!
Enchanted forest

Still, this forest gives us wild mushrooms and good times together!
Enchanted forest

Imagination makes this forest alive every time we walk in.
Enchanted forest
And when we are leaving our Enchanted forest, we always thanks for making our days a bit magical!


34 thoughts on “Enchanted forest

    1. You just have to believe and imagine 🙂 Don’t say you can’t see where they live, I had to while walking with girls in forest.. And I had to answer 100 questions 😀 Turn on your imagination 🙂

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