Jigsaw Puzzle #4 Latvia 100

Another Jigsaw Puzzle is DONE! Love this one! It’s made to celebrate Latvia’s 100!

What can I tell about this puzzle? As you can see it’s covered with all kind of Latvian brooch – Sakata (in Latvian)!

I didn’t rush myself to finish it over night or in two days. I enjoyed it, cause it was like several small puzzles together. I did all the saktas seperatly.

This is Trefl puzzle of #1000, and this is what’s on the back of the puzzle:

Brooches – the cultural heritage of Latvia, and pride of ancestors. A beautiful piece of jewelry forged from metal, silver or even gold, it’s a commonplace motif in the Latvian folklore. The first brooches in Latvia entered from other territories, and only in the first centuries following Christ, the Latvian jewelry era begins.

They have a particular meaning in the Latvian folk costume ensemble, as each piece of jewelry combines two aspects – the visible, and the invisible. its appearance and functionality are features of the visible part, whereas the invisible part hides a story about its significance and mythological aspects. Nowadays it’s specifically folk costumes that emphasize the eternal life and undiminishing historical heritage of brooches.



11 thoughts on “Jigsaw Puzzle #4 Latvia 100

    1. Thank you! I was surprised to see this in web-shop, I thougt only art and popular places are on puzzles, but good someone (maybe Poland – the manufacturer, maybe latvians ordered this as a part of Latvias 100) made this puzzle too!

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