Old Shelf – New Life!

We have an old shelf (like really old – almost 60 years) that was used for storing grocery jars like flour, rice, sugar, etc. Now it’s time to clean it, sand it and finish with flax oil. I can’t imagine such an old shelf always being natural to finish with lacquer.



It’s time for the shelf to shine. To shine in my kitchen on top of my just finished baking unit. I’m seeing potential in this shelf! Realy!




It still has its story to tell, but it’s looking way better! What do you think?


Vintage. I love it! I already can’t wait to put all the jars in it!


11 thoughts on “Old Shelf – New Life!

    1. Thank you, I’m a bit sucked with dishwasher & sink section… but today I made coffee, sat down and cut few boards 🙂 I hope to share something on that soon! It’s not coming easy for me but I enjoy the process and at the end I’m so emotional and happy and walking with smile on my face for day 🙂


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