Not the Honey cake, Honey!

Sorry to those who waited for the honey cake recipe from Helmī birthday! This is better than honey cake!


“What’s that!?!” with the surprised face I asked Janis…


“That I understand, but why it’s there!? Where did you get it and why we need another bicycle!?… Tricycle? Or whatever that is!?” O_o

“That is used electro-cycle for you!”

“!!!??!??!” I was shocked!? “Why? I don’t need new bicycle… electro-cycle…!!?!? And this one looks like for super old and wrinkle lady! Is it working!?”

“No… but has everything! I can mend it! No problem…”

“WHAT?!”… “Oh, I see.. you just want to mend something… you are curious how it works, right?”


He is curious, he is an electronic freak! And I love him! Doesn’t matter if he buys me an old and used things that better fits for the old ladies! Curiosity leed him and also the same with Helmī.



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