I can’t believe it’s already more than a month since I last use my tools and worked on myDIY kitchen unit project! It feels like I didn’t do it. And if I did, I don’t know how I did it!


I’m surprised. Every day looking at it!

It’s time to move on! The cooktop is here! So I can continue with the project. First I need to get ready in my mind. Tune into it! Hope to be back on track soon! There will be a lot of coffee brakes…. I presume!


#woodworking #getintoit #willbebacksoon #cantbelive #inspiration

8 thoughts on “Kitchen

  1. Nothing like a piece arriving to spur you on. Is your ‘cooktop’ (hob) gas or electric? Look forward to seeing your amazing efforts as and when. Unfortunately I can do very little DIY now but I did manage to finish some tiling around the hob a couple of days ago. Now I have to do a run on the other side of the sink. That’s about my limit. I’m amazed what you manage to do with three little girls around the house.

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    1. …and about cooktop! Gas! I hate electric! Now I have electric with 2 burner – crazy for such a big family. And they are certain size and won’t cook eventually. Also I had 3 burner gas in caravan – I was in heaven! All my life I cooked on gas burners and when moved here – they had electric 2 burner, crazy!

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  2. I agree with you about gas for the hob – I have five burners on ours. The oven is electric (there are two, under the hob). I prefer this combination but am hopeless cooking on an electric hob.
    As for tiling, it’s not difficult just messy – not difficult if you have the proper ‘tool’. I’ll send you a picture of the one I’m using, lent to me by a friend. You also need the little cruciform spacers, easily found here, but I guess match sticks would do as well. I tried before just with a scribing tool and breaking over an edge – nightmare! I still have some to do.
    I can imagine how anxious you are to get yours finished; ours was complete when we moved into our flat but I changed the hob, and oven for a double, as I didn’t like those installed by the builder. And although there is a good splashback behind the hob the walls on either side were splashed all the time, particularly when frying. Now the tiles mean it’s very easy to clean.

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    1. Yeh! That is why I wanted to put tiles on… And I already “know about tools… but still there is all kinds of “glue” that hold them in places. I’ll finish counter top and then will see… 🙂 I have to start.. but I just can’t … don’t know why 😀


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