Day out: Stameriena / Stameriena Castle

My bestie Džeina called me and offered to drive me for a walk.

A little off-topic: I have a driving license for a year now but I’m too scared to drive. I’m not driving. Džeina has a driving license for almost 10 years now and finally, she isn’t scared and she is ready to drive wherever we want! So this was our first-time driving somewhere together without kids (she has a son about Nelles age) or Janis!


We decide to go to Stameriena and visit Stameriena Castle. It’s not like there is something to see in the castle (it’s not renovated), but we were attracted by the lake and the castle park as itself! Nice view for the walks and lovely autumny colors at the moment! The weather was perfect – sunny! Not much sunny days lately! More about Stāmerienas Castel history you can find here.

It was so nice of Džeina to take me out of my home and my problems to get me charged for a few days! It inspired me… and I’m ready to continue with my kitchen project!

Thank you, Džeina!


P.S. For those who wonder how to spell Džeina – Jaina 🙂

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