Visit: Team Riga vs Team Salacgriva

All three my girls are different. They have a different character, different attitude, and completely different wishes! All I wish is them be happy in the life! It’s easy to lose your “true self” at school, college and work. I’m still looking for myself right now! And I’m almost 35!!! I’m not afraid of that number 35! I’m afraid of not being me a day longer!

But this won’t be about me! I will inform you when I’m turning 35 and I will write a blog post about me as well!

But now about my two oldest girls. Wishes. Linna wished (even cried at night) to be with here grandmother Mārīte (my mom!). So a few weeks ago Linna was delivered to Salacgriva to live with grandma Marīte for the whole week!!! Walks, talks, favorite food, and deserts, sea, and river. Nature!

Also, Nelle have wishes and she wished to stay in a city (we are living on countryside) with Viola…. but that isn’t possible cause Viola lives in Berlin. So she stayed with Viola’s mother – Sandra in Riga for two days. The capital of Latvia. Nelle enjoyed city lights, crowds, and shops! Cosmetic and dogy named Monijs! She really loves dogs and cats!

It’s interesting for me to see how different they are. At the end, they both were happy! And I had only Helmī at home… not bad at all!

Thank you Mārīte and Sandra!


P.S. My mom doesn’t like to be in the pictures – neither does Linna! That’s why Nelle has more pictures than Linna 🙂

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