A few days ago I cooked stew and had spare spring cabbage leaves to share. Also, plenty of dandelion leaves growing outside, so I suggested to pick those and go visit rabbits in our friends family house.IMG_20180614_133123_410.jpg

It was 15 minute walk with my little ones and it was hot and sunny. We got water bottles with us and one nicely packed basket with juicy fresh dark green dandelion leaves. When we get there we were surprised: there were plenty of small baby rabbits to feed!


I would say – our basket was too small! Fluffy little bunnies! We all wanted to take one with us already! But we are responsible and didn’t do that :). We don’t have cage or ring fence or any other solution to protect them from foxes, and they live next to us!

So we left thinking about baby rabbits and safety for few days…


3 thoughts on “Rabbits

  1. They are so cute it’s easy to make a mistake. I’m glad you are being careful, as I would expect. It would be a very traumatic experience for your girls if they had them and they were taken by a fox. Maybe better tobwalk and feed them/cuddle them where they are.


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