Hot day!

We are having a few very hot days in a row! Today it’sĀ  +29 C tomorrow it will be +30 C It’s hard to stay committed to blogging, had 5 photoshoot this week already. One more on Saturday! Means a lot of work for me! Not all are paid, I do free photoshoots – my own projects as well! After […]

Six photoshoots in the row

Six photoshoots in a the row and I lost my fight with weeds!! I didn’t started this day with coffee and breakfast. Went streigt to the garden! Weeding is fun but not when it’s overgrown! If I’m not blogging… weeds took me over! Ilze

The First crop

Oh my, I toss and turn and couldn’t sleep tonight. I finally got out of bed at 5:32AM. Went for a walk and realise I will need spring onions for tuna salad… Well – to the garden I went šŸ™‚ Fresh wind in my hair and refreshing dew drops on my feet! This lilac is beautiful! All lilacs are beautiful! […]

A Long long day after a long long break!

Amazing! I had a long day in the studio today with a client! Loved it! When I arrived realise my studio is dusty and messy! Yesterday I was with my apprentice in the studio and prepared for her exam. We left without cleaning. I was so worn out and didn’t want to do anything, but sleep. Also, I forgot about […]

Bussy day & rainy evening

This was my first day in the STUDIO! It’s been a while. I’m starting to work on my foto projects and it will be hard and slow comeback! A lot of us will start from the beginning. Including me. I have photo studio for almost two years and pandemic affected it and will affect. But not about that… This photoshoot […]

Field of Rape

“Rape” is such an unfortunate name! I have feeling it’s canola?! Now all the canola fields are in bloom and they look so good against the blue sky or other “green” fields! So far it’s – GOOD! But then there is something I hate about these fields!!!! I really DO HATE!Ā  And that is SPRAYING! Chemicals kill the bees and […]

Eggs and rhubarb

Since we moved to the countryside we haven’t bought eggs in a supermarket. We only eat eggs when we can get from happy chickens. Why!? The taste and nutrition! We are buying eggs from Janis uncle! He has 15 chickens and that is enough for us šŸ™‚ We are happy to see chickens running around freely and sometimes we bring […]