Yellow split peas with carrot and bell pepper

Yellow split pea stew is my favorite¬†winter dish! This is a dish from a childhood except we didn’t eat it with ham… we ate it with lard. This is my luxury¬†version that includes carrot and bell paper and onions are fried¬†in oil together with ham. There is no need for the recipe I guess, but if you are looking for […]

Local vegetable tagine with pork mince

Another tagine recipe from our kitchen is with minced pork. We are buying pork from local certified¬†Organic farm Purmalas and¬†cooking together with Latvian winter vegetables such as potatoes, carrots, and onions. The same here I start this after a breakfast and it’s ready for lunch. One-pot wonder that is easy to make. Delicious!

Curried Bulgur Pilaf with chickpea & vegetables

This is something that I end up with a few days ago. This dish supposed to be a vegetable risotto… How I ended up with curried Bulgur Pilaf? I listened to myself.¬†Took the carrots out of the fridge.. and onion from an onion basket… then rice…no.. this time I want bulgur.. ok.. how about chickpeas? What are they waiting for […]

Lentil and Tomato Soup

Lentils. I know, I know.. there is more then one kind of lentils out there! Which ones am I using for the soup!? Red. Red!? Yes, red! I don’t know all those kinds of lentils. Lentils don’t grow here in Latvia and I’m not the expert of lentils. Just stick with colours! This recipe is from the book I received […]