Yesterday we packed first two suitcases for upcoming caravan trip… and packed two more bags for small get away to my hometown: Salacgriva. We decided to visit my mom and  “change the decorations”. About Salacgriva: It’s a small town located near Gulf of Riga (Baltic Sea), close to Estonian border. See here. If you ask me – Salacgriva looks cleaner, nicer and […]

First two suitcases packed!

Yesterday evening was sunny and so does this morning. Girls wanted to pack her summer clothes for our caravan trip. And I realize that it would be easier for me if something will be washed, ironed and packed already! Less cloth for girls to wear now (they like to change cloth 5 times per day and somehow they gets dirty!). […]

8 PM Coffee Break

Today we have sun.. and rain… and snow and hail… All together changing every half hour. Suddenly I found myself wondering around the fridge and looking for something special. But can’t find anything. I’m trying not to drink coffee and eat sweets. And I’m getting pretty good at it!   But today… at 8 PM I felt like on Sunday! Sun […]

Update: Branches after 10 days

Sorry, I forgot! I’m forcing branches to bloom every year for the last five years. And it worked! Always on time! Ready to decorate Easter table. But this year when I wanted to write about it and show “before” and “after” something went wrong. I guess the branches feels the rainy days outside. Despite the fact that they are brought inside […]

Easter bunny

This year my Easter bunny left sitting on the top of my vintage cupboard. This bunny is special. It was delivered to our home at the day when Linna was born. Why?! I don’t know. I was so carried away by the easter bunnies letter and all the activities for the girls, that decoration wasn’t #1 priority this year. We […]

Our deer friend

  End of the April. And deer family is still visiting us?! It is so cold this year. I might say, that spring isn’t started yet. Three weeks ago we had a bit of a sunshine and now it’s snowing. Terrible! A few years ago we had plum trees blooming at the moment. But now… visit from our beloved deer family […]

The Lucy Show

Interesting. I can’t recall how I found it, but I did and now I’m obsessed with 1st season of The Lucy Show! The Lucy Show! It’s from 60’s and I think that’s the reason why I like it so much! You can watch it on youtube. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zRMrERTxl8Q StoryLine (from IMDb): After the death of her husband, Lucy Carmichael and her friend, the […]

Coltsfoot is blooming

A few weeks ago we went for a longer walk with all our girls (Nelle, Linna, and Helmī Saule). It’s not easy for us to went for a longer walk. Nelle doesn’t like walking, she likes to go with a balance bike. Also, if Nelle has a balance bike, Linna wants it too. But she is slower with the balance […]

Common hazel / Corylus avellana is blooming

Common hazel is blooming. I woudn’t notice it few years ago, but know my oldest doughter is almost 5 years old and she shows me everything: birds in sky, blooming flowers, bees and buterflies and few days ago she showed me “Wierd things are coming out of those branches! What is that?”. So it’s a bloom of hazel. Nice! We are […]

1337 1!k35 / 1337 likes

  Try to read this: ! w0k3 up 4nd f!nd 0u7 7h47 ! h4v3 4 n3w 7r0phy !n w0rdpr355. 7h!5 7!m3 !7 !5 1337 1!k35. wh47 !5 50 5p3(!41 480u7 1337 y0u m!9h7 45k? 8u7 ! kn3w !7 r!9h7 4w4y. !7’5 4 50-(4113d 1337 14n9u493. w!k!: 1337 (0r “1337”), 4150 kn0wn 45 31337 0r 13375p34k, !5 4n 4173rn47!v3 41ph4837 f0r […]