Washing machine for camper/trailer

We are getting ready for our travel trailer trip and that includes – washing machine, that would be suitable for using in the trailer. The washing machine was the first thing that came up in my mind when Janis asked to think about things we have to buy. For the family, without children, this would be something unnecessary, but for […]


I lost my grandmother (dad’s mother) 15 years ago and another one (mom’s mother) 14 years ago… I remember how sad it was for me. I was a teenager. Janis had both grandmothers until Tuesday… His mom’s mother passed away on February 21, 2017. She was on the bed since the end of December 2016. The funeral was yesterday. This week was […]

Pencil sharpener from ebay

Finally. The pencil sharpener is here and Nelle came to me with the smile and asked to sharpen the pencils. I would sing heavily if I didn’t have the electric pencil sharpener bought on eBay. l had to sharpen all 71 pencils twice after I wrote that post about kids and their pencils and need of electric sharpener. I bought the cheapest pencil […]

Feeder Birds: European crested tit

I thought of sharing some birds we have here in Latvia in the winter time. We have feeders near a window but in distance, so we don’t disturb them. Mostly tits are coming to our feeder, sometimes woodpeckers. I love to watch them eat and sit in the nearest trees and sometimes we are lucky to see an unseen species. Like this […]

Oh! Hello, hello snow!

Now it looks like a fairytale land for sure! This is how I remembering all my birthdays: sun, snow, and at least -5C! Today my first thing in the morning was jumping out of bed, chaotically get dressed and run out with my camera…. I love it! I remember how I woke up at 4 am in the summer and went outside for […]

Our travel trailer trip through Europe

It would be our first travel trailer trip. Actually, the third trip for me and Janis together, the second trip with kids (actually the first was 4 years ago when Nelle was only 9 months old and she was the one and only kid: we visited our friends in Germany!). AND this is our first trip as a family with […]

Birthday Girl: 34

I’m 34 now (almost, at 8:30pm)! Well… I’m surprised! I can’t remember the birthday with mud and rain! It’s usually something between “Snow forever!” or “Wow, It’s getting pretty cold!”. I remember how half of my birthday guests didn’t arrive because of cold. It was -27C  for a week and I turned 25 in that freezing winter. In that day when mom […]

Local vegetable tagine with pork mince

Another tagine recipe from our kitchen is with minced pork. We are buying pork from local certified Organic farm Purmalas and cooking together with Latvian winter vegetables such as potatoes, carrots, and onions. The same here I start this after a breakfast and it’s ready for lunch. One-pot wonder that is easy to make. Delicious!

Vegetable Tagine

As you know I got my Tagine (I wanted for 3 years!) as a gift. A traditional Moroccan vegetable dish is cooked in Tagine but I wasn’t aiming for Moroccan style I wanted Tagine for slow cooking. With means: less liquid is needed overall and food cooks slowly until completely tender. And you also know that  I said goodbye to my tagine. […]

Our travel trailer / camper

Let start with the name. Is it travel trailer or is it camper!? Both words are fine with me! First family travel trailer trip through Europe vs  First family camper trip through Europe. Ok, Ok! I can’t wait for it (the name doesn’t matter)! I’m so excited and the girls are too! It feels like it would be a new beginning… for […]