Cheesy Cauliflower Egg Bake

Did you know that cauliflower is much delicious in season and grown locally and organically? Yes, it is! I love cauliflowers only when they are in season. If they are imported from Poland or Spain they have a sharp and bitter taste. Not all in this family love cauliflower. I need to think about kids proof recipes to offer cauliflower. Best […]

Fried Delicious Milk-Cap

This year’s one of the biggest discoveries: Delicious Milk-Cap can be eaten right away after picking, don’t need to be preboiled and soak in water for few days! Nice! I was a bit afraid to taste it at first cause my family never ate Delicious Milk-cap fried. In our family, only mushrooms from the forest for frying are boletus and chanterelles. […]

Delicious Honey Cake

After googling I should call this cake Russian Honey Cake. Well… Let it be! Russian Honey Cake is one of my favorite cakes to make! It’s delicious, paper-thin layers with easy cream filling and the best part – you can bake it few days before assemble and assemble the day before the occasion. Also, the cream (a.k. frosting and filling) didn’t require much […]

Pan Fried Zucchini Slices

One of my summer time favorite light and delicious lunch in 15 minutes (including those few minutes, I spend running to the garden to get zucchinis). One thing you should know about zucchini is that they keep cooking after you take them off the pan. Make sure you take the zucchini off the pan before you think it is done. You […]

Cauliflower Rice with Pork Mince

Cauliflower rice. It’s easy and tasty. Easy! Tasty! And even kids love this recipe! Well, what else you need? Healthy? Yes, it’s a cauliflower! Recipe of easy & tasty & kids friendly & healthy and quick cauliflower rice is below. I hope you will find the place for this recipe in your kitchen too. Since we are renovating/repairing house, quick […]

 Blueberry & Lemon muffins

Blueberries! I love them! We are eating them every day since the first ones showed up. Most popular recipes in our house right now are: Blueberry dessert with quark cream; Wide Blueberry & Spinach Smoothie We are eating blueberries fresh to get most of them but this time it’s time for tea and muffins! Girls made the crumble and helped […]

Wild Blueberry Cobbler

It’s blueberry season here in Latvia and we’ve been eating loads of wild blueberries! We add blueberries to smoothies or eat them with quark/ricotta and whipped cream. Since it’s Sunday and we have visitors it’s time for cobbler. Perfect, easy to make and delicious wild blueberry cobbler. Recipe below. Summer dessert Ilze

White Beans with Minced Pork

While all my mind is on the renovation and painting simple recipes is all I’m making for my family. Pasta is most wanted food but beans with minced pork is another good option that everyone loves. We eat it with sour cream. Recipe below. One Pot Wonder Ilze

Ivan Chai (Fermented Rosebay WillowHerb) recipe

Rosebay willowherb (FireWeed) or Ivan Chai. Ivan Chai is a delicious & caffeine free tea that is made from fermented rosebay willowherb.     This year for the first time I made this tea by myself. The first package of Ivan Chai I got from the family friends 2 years ago. Since that, I don’t have green tea or black tea at home. […]